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If your mother told you stories before bed, she was a great Marketer

I am still intrigued by the story The Little Red Hen nowadays, which my mother used to tell me when I was little, before sleeping.

You know this Fairy Tale? It is an Old English Folk Tale.

In summary:

A Hen living on a farm finds some wheat seeds and decides to make bread with it. She asks the other farmyard animals for help planting it, but they refuse. The hen harvests and mills the wheat into flour before baking it into bread; at each stage she again asks the animals for help and they refuse. Finally the hen has completed her task and asks who will help her eat the bread. This time the animals accept , but the hen rebuffs them stating that, just as she made the bread herself, she will eat the bread herself.

I was so sad to hear all those neighbors in the farm, the piggy, the duckling, the cat.., always refusing to help a strong and active little hen.

She had a good project. So then, why they refused it?

Actually the story moral is about the persistence and resilience, despite of the NO and frustration we take in life.

Around thirty years later, my mother taught me again about the Red Chicken moral story in a normal day routine.

My mother always took care of the family with such love. I used to drive her to the supermarket and wait her to do the shop, which she carefully chose each product , therefore demanding a certain amount of time.

One day I asked her if she would take too long,

then she answered me: Yes, I will. And she answered me calm:

"You have no patience, but you want to eat, right?"

Let's say it was a punch in the stomach, but from that day on I started enjoying our shopping together. I helped in whatever I could, without taking the command of such a dedicated lady, and interacted lovingly. Not because I wanted to eat, but I was not fair, I should do my job and enjoy.

Another moral of this story, from my personal point of view, is that we are all responsible for society, community, family, and the Planet. The Chicken that is the symbol of protection, today shows me how many times the "no" we say, due to laziness, lack of information, etc. And that we must continue, resist and do our job. My mission is to make more and more people aware of the importance of sustainability. Taking care of our planet, our Mother Earth is everyone's duty. Be a citizen, participate, by action and by the group. Seek the internal strength of each one to solve the problem. No end of all the effort, the result comes, then I ask you: You think all this is boring, but you want to breathe, don't you?

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