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Célia Alba was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1963. From 1985 to 1990 she studied Architecture at the “Faculdade de Belas Artes”. In 2001 got a postgraduate degree in Marketing. For 20 years she worked as an architect in building development and planning and renovated apartments.
Through these activities she got experience and knowledge of a wide range of private and commercial projects. In 2011 she moved to Switzerland and since 2012 she has been working in her Atelier, developing her lamp design and various other projects. Célia says  that she is not just an architect, but basically a creative person with a lively spirit.
As a lamp designer, she creates unique pieces. The products are equipped with the latest LED technology. There are also combinations of many different materials, everything that is no longer needed can be given a new life as a lamp. As a light artist, she loves to illuminate scenarios and events, play with shadows and light effects.
Creativity is her world.








It is place where creative experimentation is encouraged, she can work while maintaining a pragmatic technique and there she finds necessary  people to develop them.  The Atelier is part of Team-solutions Projects, a Social Firm that combines a market orientation and a social mission. There is an atmosphere that allows for much freedom in design and allows breakthroughs in design to occur freely and none limitation. Every creation has been thought by her, researched, designed and tested with great attention to detail beyond her passion in its produce. There you have the option of working current to look at and buy. Addition to its own lamps creations and orders from clients and customers are carried out on request.






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