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Organized by the Artist, the first exhibition also involved the presentation of people's work in Team Solutions for her lamps and others products. The space in which was exhibited looked pretty cozy and it was showed the creativity and technical possibilities. A special installation for hanging lamps was made for her first Vernissage.

“It was a great pleasure to show my work for this public and I had really good time.” 


Rosa Trio

Cantares de la America Latina

Lighting e Decoration


Célia created a scenery in all room for a music band concert.

It was an oportunity to use her lamps, and also played with others object giving an atmosphere for the public.


Wellness Day

Make up, Hair Style, Massage, Fotos among Célia Alba lamps.

A great day for women to feel treated and beatiful.

The Beauty of Art day was created by Nadja Nydegger


The second exhibition was organized by the Artist and Team Solutions to show new lamps and others products. The space in which was exhibited starts in a darkness entrance surprising people and showing a personal creativity.

“It was a great time among colleagues, friend and clients. I realized the potential my work has.

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