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Selling my first lamp.


When Selina decided to buy the lamp and I showed her, she found a tape in it, whose musician is her loved one. She also has a tatoo with his name in her arm.

She thought buying the lamp as a present, but she changed her mind and kept for herself.

For me there is no coincidence. This lamp "called" her to be besides her!

Célia Alba


"Cette lampe a tout de suite attiré mon attention dans la vitrine où elle était exposée. Je la trouve très originale et j aime l'idée de récup', de donner une deuxième vie à ces cassettes. Je suis ravie de mon acquisition et j'ai fait des jaloux dans mes amis qui la trouve vraiment belle!"

Selina Brigantea


(This lamp immediately caught my attention in the windowwhere it was exposed. I find it very original and I like the idea of recycling old staff giving them a second life as those tapes. I am delighted with my acquisition and my  friends are jealous about it, they find it really beautiful!)

Noah's Ark

"My son"s name is Noah, but  he is already growing up, so I bought it as  present to a  child, whose birthday is this week"
Angela Veraguth

Spaghetti Lampe


"That one will be great in my kitchen"

Caroline Rohn  (2015)

Puzzle Tree


A special Lamp for the Archtect Thomas Furrer (2016)

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