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A Day for a Special Eco Smile

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

by Célia Alba

Today is my dear friend Silvia's birthday.



You know those people that you fall in love for the first 10 minutes of conversation?

She does it easily. It is like like a hypnose.

We met each other when we were just girls. Actually her energy came before came from her smile. We used to crossed our way returning from schools to our homes. We did not say anything, just smile. Some years late we were together at the same school.

From that time she is my best friend... and we collect several stories.

Today she has professional purpose as me . We are both concerned and informing people why we muss to be Eco-friendly.

She founded an Institute named "Sorriso Sustentável", which is engaged in promoting environmental health and building sustainable societies.

Do you want to know what she does?

Visit the site :

If you need help, contact me I will explain and answer your questions in English.

We become partners.

I designed a Lamp made with material collected in Dental clinics and laboratories. The "Schneeball Lamp" was the star at this special Event.

"Sorriso Sustentável Soluções Ambientais" had its official inauguration as a company during the 16th Expolab.

Mister Toshio Uehara, president of APDESPbr - Association of Dental Prosthesis Technicians Brazil - was the one who batiste the symbolic act on 14 October 2019.

The production of this Lamp followed the Up-cycling concept, which is a technique that gives a new purpose to materials that would be discharged, and keep the quality and composition of this material.

Such practice reduces the amount of waste produced that would spend years in landfills. In addition, this technique reduces exploring raw materials for the generation of new products. In the case of plastic, this means less oil exploited, less trees felled in the case of wood. And in metal, less mining. This also has a significant saving in water and energy, both used in the exploitation of natural resources.

Parabéns, minha querida Sil.

Have a nice Birthday and Do Not Stop your great mission for us and for the Earth Planet.

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